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We are at the end of our month of gratitude. Today, I am grateful for the light. Tonight, my family and I, as well as many of you, are celebrating the first night of Chanukah (or Hanukkah, whichever you prefer, as they are both correct), the Festival of Lights. The story of Chanukah represents the victory of light over darkness and, although this year has certainly been brighter than 2020, there is still an overshadowing of darkness in this world, with COVID and its variants, political divisiveness, racial inequity, economic recovery, and climate change (just to name a few). At this time of year every tradition and religion has some connection to the celebration of light. We are blessed with many menorahs and kinaras being lit and many trees being trimmed with lights, as well as houses being illuminated.

When we think about these holidays that celebrate light, it invites us to recognize and value our own inner light. This light is the beauty, strength, consciousness, love and compassion that comes from within each of us. It’s our shining, radiant essence. This is the time of year that invites you to dive deeply into your inner light to assess and reflect and to celebrate your light and shine it brightly. The Yoga philosophy tells us that this light exists within each of us and represents our connection to spirit, to the universe, to something bigger. We come to this practice of yoga with a longing to remember and reveal this light. The gift that yoga gives us is the opportunity to become aware of your own light and to step into that expansive current of light. This light is so expansive that, by cultivating it through your practice, you can be off your mat, out in your daily life and recognize the effect of this inner light. It makes you aware that life is truly astonishing, amazing and wondrous, regardless of the shadows. Using the principles of yoga, we cultivate the ability to access this inner light at any time of year.

Chanukah also reminds us that miracles happen every day. May we always remember that yoga offers us the miracle of becoming aware of our own inner light. This is what makes yoga such a gift and being able to see that light in everyone you meet, in all you see, is a continuing revelation that this practice offers.

Wishing those of you who celebrate a very Happy Chanukah. We hope to see you on your mat this week in any of our in-studio or online classes where you can access and explore your own inner light and shine it brightly. There is no limit to how brightly you can shine. As always, thank you for reading my musings. The light in me bows to and honors the light in you.

Namaste, Leslie

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