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Jewels of the Lotus at Absolute Yoga

Absolute Yoga is honored to bring you the services and beautiful healing gem stone jewelry of Jewels of the Lotus. This incredibly transformative “gem” of a store is owned and operated by Catherine Russo Epstein. For over 26 years, Catherine has been dedicated to helping people find the inspiration to live more fully from their hearts. She is also CEO and Founder of the Living Lotus Group - an organization dedicated to providing the outer tools for inner growth.  A healer, teacher, graduate gemologist and Life Coach, Catherine has worked with many individuals and groups in various settings. She is also an experienced guide and instructor in meditation and sound healing and the author of several self-help books.  

Jewels of the Lotus is offering an amazing array of:  

~Hand-picked Healing Crystals
~Beautiful Gemstone Jewelry
~Power Bracelets
~Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls
~Meditation Classes
~Transformational Life Coaching
~Divine Dining Classes and Coaching -A 7 day conscious eating
      program working with gems and crystals.
~Individual and Group Sessions
~Classes and Workshops to help you make positive changes in your life

Catherine is available for private and group Transformational Life Coaching ~ please contact her for more information (516) 759-1217

Gems and Crystals

Catherine is passionate about helping people make positive changes in their lives. Working with the gems and crystals are great tools for helping to achieve their goals.

Gems and crystals have wonderful healing properties and Catherine is available to help you learn to choose the right stones for you. She says, " Part of my purpose and work in the world at this time is to provide a peaceful haven where souls can come to relax and to re-connect with their inner joy. I LOVE to choose the right stones and keep them until the next owner comes along."

A consult with Catherine will help you choose the stone with the energy that you need for your particular purposes. She will also assist you in:

~How to choose the right crystals
~How to feel the energy and to explore your energy field
~How to clear and cleanse your gems
~Learn about the different shapes
~How to work with them to balance your life
~How to meditate with them

For more information about Jewels of the Lotus or Catherine, visit her website.