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Leslie Pearlman

Leslie Pearlman instructs the following:
  • Forrest Yoga Abdominals 101: Incorporating Abdominals into Your Classes, Workouts & Your Life
  • Blown away by those Forrest Yoga Abs? Still reeling from the energy you produced in elbow to knee? Did Gate Opener make your thighs feel like they were on fire and light up your entire core?
    What is it that makes these abdominals so effective and DEEP?
    Forrest Yoga Abdominals, created by Ana Forrest, are designed to target our deepest core muscles. These muscles are essential to our overall health and well-being.
    Why add Forrest Yoga abdominals into your workout or classes? Forrest Yoga abs will:
    • build a strong, intelligent and resilient core.
    • alleviate back pain, aid digestion and elimination and stimulate circulation to internal organs.
    • build heat in the body and warm up the spine at the start of your class, practice or training session.
    • improve mobility and range of motion in the entire body.
    • increase breath capacity.
    • reduce anxiety.
    • help you feel calm and centered.
    • increase energy.
    • provide greater connection to our gut instincts.
    Who will benefit from this course?
    Forrest Yoga teachers who need an abdominal refresher or need to brush up on their cues.
    Any yoga teacher looking to add core work into their classes.
    Fitness teachers, trainers, coaches, athletes looking to add new core work to their classes or training routines.
    Anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of how to connect to their core.
    What to expect:
    - In this training we will break down each Forrest Yoga abdominal to gain a deeper understanding of them.
    - You will not only learn how to teach them skillfully and clearly but where to sequence them into your classes or work outs.
    - You will learn potential contra-indications and how to modify them for students of all levels and for those with injuries.
    - You learn Forrest Yoga’s pre and post-natal abdominal alternatives.
    - You will have access to audio recordings of the correct cues for each abdominal.

    Eligible for CEU credits. $60 tuition