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Jill Talve

Jill Talve instructs the following:
  • AYURVEDA Weekend with Everveda
  • What is AYURVEDA?
    The literal translation is “Science of Life” or “ The way of living with awareness and promoting longevity. ”It is a complete medical system using herbal medicines, foods, body therapies, air, water, heat, earth, detoxification and tonification to bring about health.
    Sat. 3/25 | 12pm – 6pm | ABSOLUTE YOGA STUDIO | $100

    • Anatomy and Physiology based on Ayurveda principles
    • Diagnostics (how to identify doshas
    • The importance and relevance of the tongue and pulse for Ayurveda diagnostics

    Sun. 3/26 | 12pm – 6pm | EVERVEDA in Oyster Bay | $120*

    • Ayurveda daily practices – tongue cleaning, neti pot, abhyanga
    • Herbs and teas
    • Nutrition and cooking

    *$120 Fee includes cooking materials and take-home gifts

    For more info about EVERVEDA, visit everveda.com.