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Spring Rejuvenation Mala-Making Workshop

This class is taught by:

Maria Renna

Maria, of RenZenYoga Jewelry & Accessories, has a BFA from FIT, a Master of Early Education from St. Johns, and is a recent graduate of Absolute Yoga Studio's 200 Hour Refined Flow Yoga Teacher Training. Before becoming a part of Absolute's team, she worked as a graphic artist for over 10 years. Her yoga journey began at Absolute more than 8 years ago. Though she left the graphic design world behind, her creative talents have become useful as Absolute's media guru - maintaining our social media and creating flyers for our offerings.

It's clear Maria has always been happiest when creating and using her hands to craft. She fell in love with making sacred mala jewelry when we hosted a workshop and hopes you will, too!
Invite in BALANCE, HARMONY, and JOY by creating a mala necklace all your own!
At the Vernal Equinox, when we begin to notice the passage from cold and dark to warm and light, our energies begin to flow with the increased sunlight. It is a period of growth, awakening and new beginnings! After a short guided meditation, Maria will assist you through the process of creating your own special hand-strung mala. We will use gemstones specifically for the SPRING season - grounding stones like moss agate; light and joyous stones like sunstone, lemon quartz, citrine and fluorite; stones which aide in creativity and growth such as carnelian and aventurine; and many others! As we thread our beads, we will infuse our creations with our own special intentions for this time of transition and rejuvenation!
A mala (mala simply means "garland" in Sanskrit) is a meditation tool which has been used for centuries. Worn, it is a beautiful and spiritual representation of your yoga and/or meditation practice and carries your own unique energy.
$100 includes all materials - choice of gemstone, thread, and pendant. Reserve your choice in advance, if possible.